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Website Maintenance

Websites are like vehicle - they require regular maintenance and upkeep to operate in peak condition. They need to be tuned regularly; content will need to be updated or changed and old/outdated links will require to be revalidated or replaced. New pages may need to be added. Old pages may need to be removed or relocated to other areas of the website. Additional content may need to be added.

Do you have a website that needs maintenance? Put in request for a free estimate and we will evaluate your website so that we can determine the most cost-effective time block for your website. Regardless of what maintenance block that you select, you can request ongoing updates to your website until you exhaust the number of hours in your block. If you exhaust the number of hours in your block, you can always use the extension option to add more hours, or purchase an entire new block of hours.

We offer the following website maintenance blocks:

Package Name Hour Block (Hour) Validity (Calendar Days) Price (Per hour) Total
IDSM 20 20 30 $30 $600
IDSM 40 40 60 $30 $1,200
IDSM 80 80 120 $28 $2,240
IDSM 160 160 270 $28 $4,480
IDSM 320 320 360 $25 $8,000

Top-Up/Extension: add 20 hours @$30 per hour to extend time by 30 days (Total: $600).

Note: Top-Up applies to current and active maintenance packages ONLY.

Maintenance starts on the date you purchase your block of time and ends after the specified number of days. Please note that unused hours are not refundable and cannot be "rolled-over" to a new block without purchasing an extension/top-up as noted above. 

We provide periodic reports with a breakdown of the hours that have been used up and the balance remaining in your maintenance account. 

We also offer the convenience of custom website design to redesign and redevelop an existing website into a fully content managed one where you can manage the web site content on your own.

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