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Social Media Marketing

Possibly the newest entrant to the arena of Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing adds a challenging aspect to what is happening to marketing on the Internet.

Internet Marketing starts with a proper Internet Marketing strategy that, at the very least, implements Search Engine Optimization, often supplemented with Pay-per-Click Advertising. However, with the advent of online social networks, it is now critical to examine such social media websites and to seriously consider how to leverage the "conversations" that take place on the Internet and especially in these online communities.

Arnima will create a Social Media Marketing Plan by:

  • Reviewing existing offline and online marketing materials and strategies
  • Researching how your competition is leveraging Social Media Marketing
  • Examining the blogsphere and other social media websites for any existing "conversations" about you
  • Helping implement a proper blog strategy with ongoing support
  • Identifying and studying alternative social media website to see how they can be leveraged
  • Recommending and implementing opt-in email marketing tied in with social media websites

We will create and help you implement a customized Social Media marketing strategy that will include details on how to use and leverage the following channels as part of your Social Media Marketing:

  • Social Networking Websites (eg Facebook)
  • Blogging (eg Wordpress)
  • Micro Blogging (eg Twitter)
  • Creating and enabling RSS Feeds
  • Forums & Wiki Engines (eg Wikipedia)
  • Content Publishing Websites
  • Opt-in Email Marketing for Social Media Marketing

Ultimately, we will recommend and implement specific ways in which your company can utilize social media marketing.

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