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Search Engine Optimization

Natural, or Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major element of Internet marketing and targets to increase traffic to your website by improving the internal (also known as on-page or on-site) and external (also known as off-page or off-site) factors that influence the search rank of your website. Proper SEO requires expertise in website development combined with copywriting, sales, marketing, business and persuasion skills tied together with a puzzle-solving approach. Remember, building a website involves more than just creative skills: it is a combination of over 200 inter-linked variables that leads to an effective website! Effective SEO requires a formal approach based on an established methodology supported by a strong toolset and rock-solid processes.

High search engine rank for keywords that are relevant to the content of your website will ensure a steady flow of highly targeted visitor traffic to your website.

If you are considering, or actively interested in SEO, please take the time to go through:

  • SEO Essentials before you embark on an SEO Campaign
  • SEO Processes to help clarify what is involved in our SEO
  • SEO Case Studies to illustrate the effectiveness of our SEO
  • SEO Packages to help ulneash your SEO

Our structured SEO Processes ensure that no detail is overlooked and that all SEO-related aspects of your website are geared toward ranking well. We will work on the current content and structure of your website and will perform all required SEO-related activities to help it reach maximum exposure on the Internet.

The bottom line: we will drastically improve the visibility of your website on the Internet and increase the number of visitors.

Search Engine rank changes on a regular basis due to competition and adjustments in search engine indexing algorithms. Maintaining top SEO rank requires ongoing monitoring and rework. In short, SEO is much like your competition - it never rests!

Remember that SEO is not a stagnant process and achieving strong search engine rank requires consistent effort over a long period of time. Typically, the results of an SEO campaign can take anywhere form 6 to 18 months to materialize; the best results are reached with campaigns that are consistent and long-lasting. Simply put, your website needs to earn the trust of search engines and that can only happen over time.

Effective SEO depends on many factors and takes time - there are no shortcuts in SEO. The indexing algorithms and criteria used by search engines are very well-guarded secrets. Therefore, most SEO specialists can only use a combination of previous experience, in-depth knowledge, awareness of these factors and current trends to conduct proper SEO.

At Indian Design Services, we research SEO on a consistent and regular basis and apply these findings to our SEO projects. You only stand to benefit from the high level of experience we have built over the years! Beware of the so-called SEO experts who do not have an established track record and often make promises that are difficult, if not impossible to keep.

An Indian Design Services built and managed SEO campaign will drive targeted search engine traffic to your website. It will also optimize your website for local searches, image searches and industry-specific engines as applicable. In short, you will get more visitors and more business!


Please note that SEO can be unpredictable at times and cause delayed results.

A professional SEO company cannot guarantee a position high in the search engine rank shortly after a website has been optimized. A good SEO company cannot be held accountable if your website rank changes, while or after optimizing your site to your specifications. SEO evolves constantly and is an ongoing process, it is not a one-off fix that will never change.

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