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Our Processes

Our Processes and Methodologies 

Processes and methodologies convert the difficult task into easy and understandable task which provides a step by step action plan, value, quality, technology and reliability.

Process and methodologies can be differing from different aspect of Software Development Life Cycle. For an example process for project management can be different as development and design. We provide the project management framework to our client to review their project progress and provide their feedback.

We make transparency in our commitment and communication by provide a solid platform so that we and our client can come on a same understanding regarding the requirement of business. We complete the project in 7 processes.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering is the most powerful and basic process for start a project. We retrieve almost all information at the time of our free get estimation free service which effect the time and cost of the project. We make the point on main function of the project and provide our suggestions and recommendations at the time of requirement gathering so that our client/customer can take a right decision for his business growth.

This is basically question and answering phase in which we ask all those questions which can help you the basic understanding of SDLC after that we move our next processes. We use Skype, GTalk and Yahoo Messenger to call/chat session or call to client if needed to get the requirement

Analysis of Requirement

In Analysis of requirement we study our client requirement deeply and provide them a estimated time frame and cost with a basic structure of the requirement in a sophisticated manner and easily understandable diagram. We use UML (Unified Modeling Language) which the industry standard is to represents the functionality and requirement of the project.

After provides our analysis and requirement report we discuss with our client and do the necessary change with the adjustment of time and cost according to our client satisfaction and as per industry.

After approval of analysis of requirement report we provides the prototype of each main functionality to show the implementation way when approve its then we go to our next phase.

Project Plan and Deliverables

Based on analysis and requirement we provide two documents. First document will describe the whole functionality of the project including all other important information like reference websites, payment gateway information etc. In our second document we provide the list of all functionality with their completion date and time so that our client can review the project and demand the status of their project time to time.


In implementation we go for actual and real time development of project. We do not complete full project we divide the project and multiple modules and provide to our client after each module completion so that we can on track with the right implementation as our client require. In case of any changes that will cover up with the next deliverable and phases.

Testing and Review the project

Testing is the most important part of project. We never deliver our project without testing it at our best level. We also provide the test report to our client on demand. We have created lot of our standard to review the project. We test our entire standard before deliverables.

Quality Assurance

After doing our testing and reviewing the project when our project is satisfy the basic testing then we do and provide the other type of testing like load testing and other small but important changes which provides the quality in the project.


Maintenance is provided after complete the deliverable we provide 2 month maintenance period in which client can request some minor changes. After that they can use our website maintenance service for our further assistance.

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