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Email Marketing

Email marketing, like advertising, is often the subject of passionate discussion, one way or another. Here in Indian Design Services, we have the same point of view as David Ogilvy, one of the all-time advertising heroes. He said that the pre-requisite for any advertising campaign was to believe in what you were advertising. That's also true of email marketing. It's our starting point for assisting our customers in email marketing campaigns to achieve a number of objectives.

- Acquiring new customers and selling to existing customers
- Enhancing customer relations and promoting customer loyalty
- Joint promotions with partners

It's important to note that recipients of these emails are people who have already confirmed that they want to hear from the company sending the email. To maintain that happy state of affairs, each email also needs to be clear, interesting and relevant to the person receiving it.

As well as carefully building emailing lists on this basis, we can also get data back to see how well the emails do, especially when the recipient is being invited to perform a certain action, like clicking a link to go to a sales promotion page. By smart design and marketing, we're able to put control back into your hands in a number of ways:

- You contact your customers and prospects proactively, rather than waiting and hoping they'll come to your web-page
- Your impact and your results are often immediate
- You know rapidly what success you had with an emailing and possible improvements

If you'd like to optimize your use of email marketing, then talk to us. We'll listen to you first, so that we can make constructive business suggestions to you after.

Email Design Optimization

Email is a communication channel with immense potential. It also has characteristics that set it apart from other written messages, such as articles in web-pages or printed ads. Your customers receive and handle your emails in a different way to, say, a letter through the ordinary mail. They might only give emails a quick scan for interesting links. They might choose not to display any embedded images. They might not even open your email if the subject or sender sounds uninspiring, suspicious, or over-hyped.

Indian Design Services uses its accumulated experience to get email design optimization or EDO, right for you. Because our goal is to have something really works for you, rather than just being a monument to modern literature, our recommendations may even sometimes sound contrarian. But that's what it takes, in order for you to see the benefit. Try these examples from our experience to see what we mean:

- Hold the cool graphics and the fancy coding. Email systems are notorious for stripping this out or just playing dumb. Stick to basic HTML. And send your email to yourself before doing anything else. That way you're likely to see what your customer will see. And that can be a real eye-opener.

- Emails are the Internet equivalent of the Gong Show. Except that you may literally only have one or two seconds to convince. Emails must be created on that basis. Otherwise it's gong, gong, gong and perhaps, even worse, they'll put you on their spam blacklist.

- Put a major part of your effort into the email subject and sender fields. Don't get cute with the sender "friendly name" or email address, and be concise AND appealing with the subject line. These two fields alone determine largely whether your email even gets opened.

We work hard on EDO for you, because that's how we get you the results. From your requirements, through design, analytics and optimization loops, Indian Design Services is there to work with you for excellent email communication.

Email Marketing Options

Email marketing has a number of guidelines that should be observed. And regulations that must be observed. At Indian Design Services, we do both and fully support both, because they contribute to making email marketing a positive, professional activity that suits sender and receiver alike.

One of the key aspects of email marketing is to ensure that the people that you contact have already given you their permission for this. There are different ways to do this; the "double opt-in" method is frequently what we use because it ensures that when users ask for your information, they also confirm clearly that they want to receive it. This keeps email marketing in line with the CAN-SPAM law in the US, and corresponding European law. It also means a much better targeted audience and better conversion rates.

With your users' permission, we can then set up email marketing as "one-off" messages, or automatic sequences of message, such as one every week for a period of six weeks. This allows you to acquire email addresses in return for an e-learning module or newsletter that you send out in installments, for example.

We track email that goes out like this to see what has attracted the most interest amongst the people who receive it. We can tell you what percentage of emails were opened, and what recipients did when they read them. We can split-test different versions of the same email to see which one does better for you, and then use that version for you until we find an even better one.

The email campaigns that we work on for you also include links for un-subscribing as a standard feature. It's another feature that keeps your email campaigns compliant with both guidelines and regulations. Our technology automatically takes care of these and other items, and is updated on a regular basis as requirements evolve.

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